Mittwoch, 7. August 2013

.. ratet mal wo ich gestern Abend war? AUF EINER SCHAUMPARTY!
Nachdem wir uns in Mybar getroffen haben um Eurovision zu schauen gings nach dem letzten Lied zur Assi-Grossraumdisko, 500 Rubel bezahlt und Abfahrt! :)

P.S.: und was gelernt hab ich auch: das englische wort fuer schaum  - foam!

P.S.S.: Falls es jemand wissen mag, hier die Eurovision drinking game rules, ist auf jeden Fall eine Moeglichkeit den Abend rumzubekommen :)

DRINKING RULES...Drink 2 fingers of your drink every time:

During the show:

• Hosts say “Good Evening Europe” in an overly dramatic way
• Last year’s winners sing a weird rendition of their winning song
• Hosts have a time-wasting conversation that conversation that no-one can follow, understand or careless about with poorly attempted jokes
• Hosts change outfits
• Hosts sing
• Either host pretends to be surprised at something said or done by the other host in what is clearly a well-rehearsed piece of improvisation
• The video shown before an act contains shots of people in traditional Azerbaijani costume

During the performances:

• Song title contains the word ‘love’, including in the country’s native language
• There’s a key change
• The song is not sung in English
• Someone makes a ‘peace’ sign
• Pyrotechnics are used during a performance
• A singer winks at the camera
• An act does a cartwheel or something acrobatic
• The act involves people on stage banging large drums or industrial objects acting as large drums or mimes playing an instrument
• Shirtless beefcake dancers or bikini-clad tottie
• Use of a wind machine and/or smoke machine

During the voting:

• A country gives their neighbour 12 points
• An awful song gets 12 points
• An awkward pre-points conversation is had between the hosts and a country’s correspondent
• Every time there is an awkward silence and/or miscommunication between the hosts and a country’s correspondent
• Country’s correspondent attempts to speak in Azerbaijani but miserably fails
• Correspondent attempts to sing in an attempt to secure their 15 seconds of fame
• Every time Russia receives 12 points (seeing as how we are in Moscow)
BIG 5 PLAYERS (France, Germany, Italy, Spain & United Kingdom):
1 finger for every point your country gets
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